Emerging Technology for Social and Economic Impact

As an EU Marie Curie Researcher,  I worked at European Commission's DG Joint Research Centre in Brussels (Belgium) and at Grenoble School of Management (France) and collaborated with a number of  partner organizations interested in better managing emerging technologies for social and economic impact. Among them were companies such as Intel and Siemens, universities such as IE Business School and Rotterdam's Erasmus University, and research labs such as Fraunhofer and CERN.  

My work at the European Commission had the goal of informing the Commission's policy-making on innovation and technology transfer in Europe, and on what we defined as eco-industry. My work with colleagues from Grenoble-em, Bocconi, and CERN, also produced some academic research at the intersection of management, policy, sociology, and philosophy of science and technology.


In case you are interested, here is a paper that my collaborators and I wrote in 2011, presented at Stanford, and later published with Edward Elgar as part of a book on the management of emerging technologies. As I further developed such research by using network science and data science techniques, I inspired CERN to launch Collaboration Spotting, a data analytics platform helping scientific labs and companies to find new R&D collaborators increasing their technology transfer to society.

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