Emerging Technology for Social and Economic Impact

As a Marie Curie Researcher, I joined a European network of top companies, public sector organizations,  universities, and research institutions focused on the management of emerging technologies for social and economic impact. 

The Marie Curie Actions are the European Commission's flagship of research & innovation excellence in Europe. I worked at the European Commission's DG Joint Research Centre in Brussels (Belgium) and at Grenoble School of Management (France) and collaborated with various partner organizations.


By engaging senior leaders from the public and private sectors, I carried out innovation research, monitored technology trends ahead of Horizon 2020, and did foresight analysis for the European Commission's DG Joint Research Centre's senior leadership.


For such work, I combined quantitative and qualitative research methods, patent and publication data, interviews and secondary sources, data science and  networks science, foresight techniques, and multi-stakeholder collaboration.

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