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Innovation Tackling Global Challenges

While I was an EU Marie Curie Fellow, the European Science Foundation supported me to be a visiting fellow at Bocconi University. 


There I sought to shed more light on how new, complex technologies emerge across numerous disciplines to tackle intricate problems such as cancer and other grand challenges. Given the complexity of such problems, experts from very different disciplines and organizations have to come together to work towards developing such technologies. At Bocconi I focused on mapping and understanding such complexity, and on the computational techniques used to do so.


As part of this project, I was invited to participate in the OECD KnownInno initiative on knowledge networks and markets at the USPTO headquarters and at the OECD headquarters in Paris, where we discussed our research insights to inform the policy-making of OECD member states on such topics. This collaboration also fed back into my work with CERN.

Partners: Bocconi (coordinator), OECD, Fraunhofer ISI, CNR, Copenhagen Business School, Sorbonne, CSIC, GeorgiaTech and Harvard University, among others. 

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