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Andrea Carafa World Economic Forum

The future of innovation, sustainability and prosperity

I have been invited to contribute to the World Economic Forum as a speaker and rapporteur on the future of innovation, sustainability, networks, social impact and prosperity. I have also facilitated group sessions at the World Economic Forum's headquarters and in China as part of ad-hoc programs that were hosted before and during official WEF annual meetings.

Shaping Davos

Shaping Davos was a global initiative of the World Economic Forum aimed to connect twenty selected cities with the World Economic Forum’s Annual Meeting through local programs and events that fed and extended the conversations initiated in Davos.


Shaping Davos took place twice at Stanford in 2015 and 2016. As the Chair of both editions, I created a committee that brought together Silicon Valley leaders to discuss local, regional, industry and global agendas.

My team and I hosted panels and design thinking workshops aimed at developing solutions to problems faced by selected local companies and non-profit organizations. One of the panels was live-streamed from Stanford and Davos at the same time, connecting speakers and attendees in both locations.

Andrea Carafa World Economic Forum
Andrea Carafa World Economic Forum

Engaging Tomorrow's Consumers

How can companies engage consumers to trigger simple behavioral shifts that enable more sustainable lifestyles, grow demand for more sustainable products and create business value?

I was invited to contribute to this project as one of the WEF Global Shapers Sustainability Champions. Our inputs fed the project team's work with the Global Agenda Council for Sustainable Consumption and other leaders from around the world through private meetings under the Chatham House rule.

The Future Role of Civil Society

The Future Role of Civil Society project was launched with the desire to explore the rapidly evolving space in which civil society actors operate. The project focused on two central questions: What might the contextual environment for civil society look like in 2030? How might models of engagement for civil society, business, government and international organizations evolve in these new contexts?

I was invited to contribute to this project as part of a high-level group of leaders from different sectors and industries around the world. The project identified four different future scenarios and related driving forces, which you can learn about in this report presented in Davos.

Andrea Carafa World Economic Forum
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