Making Space for the Arts

Skyrocketing real estate prices have caused the closure of many arts venues in cities around the world. According to the World Cities Culture Forum, this is a global trend and there is a growing need to find new ways to make space for the arts and create an inclusive community spirit in cities.

ArtsUp was born as a platform connecting a community of people who open up their homes, stores and other spaces to host pop-up performances, exhibits, screenings and more for friends, neighbors and strangers alike. ArtsUp grew to 300+ cities on four continents.

The startup seeks to bring back and democratize some crucial factors behind the Renaissance, such as patronage in terms of space and funding, and technology empowering the artists. Back then, such technology was the printing press. Today, it is the internet and the sharing economy. Learn more about our work in this Huffington Post article or in this interview with Voice of America.