Nurturing Innovators Who Are Tackling the World's Most Pressing Issues

I currently pre-seed and incubate new technologies and ventures as a ​Blackstone Launchpad Entrepreneur in Residence and as a Lecturer at UCSC and for the NSF Innovation Corps. My focus is on teams that see technology, design, and entrepreneurship as powerful tools to solve the world's most pressing problems.

Through the Blackstone Launchpad  powered by Techstars my team and I nurture budding entrepreneurs through funding, training, mentorship and social capital. As the Launchpad created a partnership with the University of California's Office of the President, I also participate in the UC system-wide activities aimed at spearheading innovation & entrepreneurship throughout the UC system.


As a Lecturer at UCSC, I teach entrepreneurship and design thinking for the environment, and "Hacking for Oceans", a course that is part of a series launched by Steve Blank at Stanford, Columbia, and UC Berkeley, Santa Cruz, and San Diego.


I also teach entrepreneurship to scientists and engineers through the National Science Foundation's Innovation Corps, a program started by Steve Blank with the NSF to help bring science-based innovations to market.

My courses and the Innovation Corps program are experiential and project-based, allowing teams to develop early-stage ideas and launch new ventures from the classroom. The most promising teams and projects receive funding, mentorship and support from my team and the broader Blackstone, National Science Foundation, UC system, and Techstars networks.

The teams that I currently work with are developing and commercializing technology products such as: an ocean turtle robot that eats micro-plastics and turns them into biodegradable material, a solar-powered electric ultralight airplane, a technology that allows for cheaper and faster cancer diagnostics by synthesizing target DNA enrichment reagents, a toadstool composting technology that turns plastics into compost, a web browser plug-in for green e-commerce, and more. These ventures are in the very early stages of their lives. Don't hesitate to reach out to me for more info.

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